'BG-Shade is a type of background that makes any kind of element or object show a shadow with a color based on its own base coloration in BG-non. Unlike BG-airBG-lineBG-aura and BG-mesh, BG-shade does not display a graphical illustration of wind- or air movement. If objects are moving while BG-shade is on, a slowly fading trail will be following the object's movement. The trail's fade time is approximately half a second.

If an element is covered with glass, the shadow disappears and the element will look how it is on BG-Non. This is useful when creating text in BG-Shade, as the shadow can make the text hard to read.

If used along with grid 7 it is possible to determine the exact location of glass and the shade of the grid lines will turn the background color grey, making Metal invisible instead.

Usage Edit

  • Colorful background - by adding many regularly placed dots of some solid (or other element if the upload doesn't use start mode) and using BG-shade, an uploader can create the illusion that the whole background is filled with this element. This is often used in pixel art. Example: Solve The Rubic Cube by Stevenh1997aske.
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