Powder Game, or PG, is a popular particle simulator from the Dan-Ball website, also known as 'dust', with the ability to create things with the available elements, and then you can upload them for others to vote or delete for.

Powder Game HistoryEdit

Powder Game started off simple, with one element, Powder, one tool, Wind, and one object, Block. However, it began to rapidly improve, adding elements like Water, Fire, Seed, and Gunpowder. Soon after, they made other interesting tools such as Player, Box, and Ball.

Powder Game has 36 elements, each with its own unique properties. The word "element" is used in the sense of a game element, as opposed to a chemical element. Air can go through the elements, it is only affected by the indestructible block, therefore both are usually not considered as elements.

  • =Artificial elements (They cannot be created simply through clicking an element and drawing)