BG-Line is a background in Powder Game and Powder Game 2 that is similar to BG-air, except that BG-line has lines that show the direction of the wind. BG-line was the first background to be released in Powder Game in ver 1.0, but it was not until ver 2.3 that is was called BG-line. Before that, it was simply the only background available.

Uses Edit

In uploads Edit

In uploads, BG-line is used when it is needed to show the air pressure and the direction of the wind. BG-line is the most common BG (about half of all uploads use it). However, many people just use BG-line because it is the default background.

Glass viewing Edit

If strong wind occurs, BG-line can be used to observe glass.

How BG-line works Edit

BG-line is very similar to BG-air: high air pressure is shown green, and low air pressure is shown blue. The difference between it and BG-air is that wind is shown as a dark red line in BG-line, facing the direction the wind is blowing, and the more powerful the wind is, the longer the line is.