BG or Background is a setting in Powder Game and in Powder Game 2

In Powder Game there are 14 different backgrounds:

  • non is no background. The only thing shown on the screen is the blocks, elements, and objects. There is no air or wind display, and no special effects.
  • air changes the background color based on air pressure. Green is high pressure, blue is low pressure, and black is normal.
  • line is similar to air, but uses brown lines to indicate wind direction.
  • blur gives elements and objects a motion trail.
  • shade gives elements and objects a coloured aura, which combined with grid 7 can be used to see Glass.
  • aura for a special effect that shows the direction of wind and .
  • light makes elements grouped together lighter. The brightness of the dots depends on how many particles of that element are clumped together.
  • toon for turning appearance of the elements into big dots and creating a white border around almost everything, which can be used to see glass.
  • mesh makes a moving "mesh" showing wind. It changes colors depending on the air pressure and stretches and squeezes with wind.
  • grey is merely a grayscale version of air, with the exception of creates and players, will make elements grayscale. Wind and Air will show up as grey waves of pressure.
  • track leaves a trace of the element as it moves, meaning you can see the path the element has taken in moving, but these trails are easily erased by changes in pressure.
  • dark makes the entire screen dark, except for light producing elements (thunder, fire, magma etc.) and players.
  • TG makes the screen a thermal imaging map, which slows a computer down slightly. Temperatures, from highest to lowest, are represented by white, red, yellow, green, blue and purple.
  • siluet makes the screen monochrome. Elements that are in motion leave a little blur like BG-light and are a little different colored. Elements that have no motion, objects and blocks are always black, but Grid will show up in standard grey and brown.

In Powder Game 2, were adiccionated more 2 backgrounds:

  • mosaic makes the screen mosaic style. Elements and objects are shown in mosaic pieces.
  • color changes the background color according to the element selected by left and right click. When both click are on the same element, the background color is the same as the element and the element will appear black.